Our team is still small and, depending on what is currently happening, the actors change. But our already active co-workers, and especially our many friends, are a great enrichment with their warm and practical support.

The Team



Currently the operational and creative spirit of the house. Janna is an architect/designer and owner of  Teil11 in Berlin. In addition, she is an avid yoga teacher who teaches with great devotion a very relaxed style of Hatha Yoga in Berlin-Neukölln. Birnbaum Manor is a great challenge for her, in which all her skills are in demand, and at the same time it is the fulfilment of a daring dream, which reality just landed on her table (a story we’ll tell you soon). With great attention to detail, she has brought her experience of long-term planning and implementation of hotel projects and developed them further here. For her, working in such an endeavour with materials that are entirely sustainable as well as practical and economic is particularly exciting.




Responsible for the house together with Janna, he is a paediatrician and professor of holistic medicine at the University of Witten / Herdecke. His role is that of the remote partner who, with his distance to things, has an open view of what is happening and helps Janna not lose sight of the essential in the turbulent everyday life.


is living and dancing Wutao in France. She worked for a long time as Art director for several magazine, till she decided to become a Wutaodancer and teacher. We are very happy that she decided to stay more time in Germany and support our project. Chris likes to care for people, so she is looking forward to our first guests. She is also responsible for french conversation.


managed our office



Friends of the Manor:

Hansa, who has been walking side by side with Janna for many years, gives her friendly support, with loving care, through many small but priceless services.

Ulf, Hansa and Janna’s long-time friend, has helped with his unbelievable carpentry skills – and we hope that he drops by again soon!

Edda, Janna’s long-time girlfriend and companion, who has contributed a lot of very beautiful and useful things.

Martina, the nice neighbour from across the street, supports us with her cooperation and we benefit from the experiences of our “big sister” of Rosenwaldhof.

Bettina, David’s friend and colleague, who enriches the development of Birnbaum Manor with her great vision and commitment, and her innovative ideas in the medical field.

Peter (Birnbaum), who was kind enough to give us his name for the house.

[OR:] Peter (Birnbaum): yes, the house caries his name – in the honour of his deceaced wife.

Andre, Janna’s long-time professional companion, who actively supports all planning and construction

And all the friends who have already visited us and exclaim how wonderful our house is and how beautiful our large garden with its environment of small lakes, and that assure us that we have done everything right when waves of work threaten to again capsize us.