Our manor currently has three seminar rooms. They are 60, 37 and 35 m2 in size. On request, these can be equipped with yoga equipment (mats, blankets, blocks, belts), chairs and / or meditation cushions. Audio systems are installed in the large room and in the tower seminar room. In addition, there is colour-changing LED lighting in the tower. Beamer and basic seminar equipment, such as flipcharts and presentation cases, also are available.


Seminar rooms can be booked with or without accommodation – contact us at: an@hausbirnbaum.d

Below are a few photos of the rooms in their current state – on the ground floor there will be smaller renovations.

The large seminar room on the ground floor (60 m2) can accommodate 22 yoga mats or many chairs and tables. Below is a circle with 27 chairs.


Designation Description Price / Day
Seminar room 1 on the ground floor, 60 m22i 100 Euro
Seminar room 2 on the ground floor, 37 m22 60 Euro
Seminar room 3 Tower room, 35 m22 60 Euro

Prices for seminars with overnight guests


Circle of chairs with 27 chairs


Seminar room 3 in the tower